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IoT Smart Control Digital Classroom

Odin's IoT Smart Control Digital Classroom builds an "intelligent IoT control" environment, achieving intelligent application and agile management of teaching resources, spaces and devices from multiple aspects like campus perception, smart lighting, electricity safety, and environmental monitoring.
It provides monitoring, management, maintenance, early warning and big data analytics to create a smarter, safer, and more comfortable digital campus experience.

08 阶梯数字教室.jpg


Centralized Classroom Management

  • Remote control of smart plugs, switches, lighting, AC, curtains etc.

  • Visualized monitoring and scene-based control


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

  • AI and IoT for smart sensing and control of appliances and lighting

  • Link timetables, air quality indicators and occupancy to automatically optimize energy use

  • Promote green campus construction

08 阶梯数字教室.jpg
08 阶梯数字教室.jpg


Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Efficient support for digital campus governance

  • Real-time environmental data monitoring

  • Save preparation time and reduce the impact of environmental factors


Health Management

  • Environmental sensors monitor CO2, VOC, formaldehyde, particulates, temperature, humidity etc.

  • Automatic alerts and notifications when thresholds exceeded

  • Automatically adjust devices based on environment warnings

08 阶梯数字教室.jpg
08 阶梯数字教室.jpg


Simplicity and Reliability

  • WiFi-based, no complex gateways required

  • Control via lectern, display, PC or mobile app

  • Stable, reliable and easy-to-use for teachers and administrators


One Click Switching

  • Switch between multiple modes, like class, off-class, after-school

  • Customizable scenario modes

08 阶梯数字教室.jpg


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Visit Odin Smart Classroom
Smart podium
Odin Industrial Park,
12-9 Avenue,Yuhuatai district,
Nanjing city,
Jiangsu Provice.​

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