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Boot problems

Q1: Why can't you enter the system after starting up (automatic repair of the system is displayed)
Dear user, Hello, if the blackboard in smart Classroom is equipped with a computer, please turn it on again before entering the system, use the intelligent remote control to control the built-in computer for selection.
Q2: Why can't the blackboard be turned on properly?
Dear user, Please confirm:
1. If the remote control cannot be started, please check whether the remote control is in good condition.
2. If the computer cannot be started, it will be restarted after 15 minutes of forced power off.
Q3: Why doesn't the light go on?
Dear user, please check whether the blackboard power supply is normal.
Q4: Why "blue screen" no signal mode?
Dear user, Please confirm:
1. If the blackboard in smart Classroom is equipped with a computer, check whether the current signal channel is in Windows mode.
2. If the interactive blackboard in the smart classroom USES an external computer, check whether the current channel is in the channel mode, and check whether the signal wire on the external computer falls off or is defective.
Q5: Why does the blackboard shut down automatically?
Dear user, Please confirm:
1. Whether the automatic standby sleep mode is turned on?
2. Is the channel mode of the input source correct? No signal will cause automatic shutdown.
3. Stability of power supply.
Q6: Why is it slow to boot?
Dear user, Please confirm:
1, is the external U disk, Internet poisoning equipment.
Is the hard disk space occupied or the system disk damaged?

Software problem

Dear user, Please confirm:
1. Whether the switch of the video booth has been turned on and is in the state of electricity.
2. Whether the blackboard is connected to the network of the video booth.


Screen problem

Maybe 1: The blue screen is due to the signal not being transmitted, or the screen is not in current mode.
Maybe 2: There's something wrong with the wire.
Possibility 3: There is a problem with the source.
Possibility 4: There is a problem with the output or input of the matrix or external screen.

Software and hardware problems

4.5 Software: The software commonly used before the external splicer comes out will generally report an error. After closing the software, delete the file in the software installation directory, and then open the software after deleting it.Or the computer Internet, the system will be updated generally can also be resolved.V1.12 software, software with external splicer must be used.If you open the external spell control window and report an error, you can close the software, then delete the two files -- ExternalSplit and Externalwindow -- and then reopen the software.
Now that the software version has been updated to V1.7, you must use V1.7 to use the foreign spell.The old version of the software was 2.7, the solution time was needed, and the stable version used to be V4.5.

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