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ODIN adheres to the tenet of "Education virtue and good deeds", and focuses on every detail of mask production with the down-to-earth attitude of the education equipment industry: the mask production machine comes from the giant Chinese ship, and the mask production environment comes from ODIN optical thousand-level dust-free room.

 Production Line Introduction

Production line composition

The production line can complete automation from the non-woven fabric to the final face  mask.The equipment unit includes:

Roll material loading unit, middle layer pre-feeding unit, nose clip loading unit, mask profile welding unit, coding unit, ear tape unit, ear tape welding unit, mask folding and pressing unit, trimming unit, etc.

Production line features:

1. Good equipment compatibility, compatible with various specifications of masks.
2. The use of tension intelligent control can better ensure more balanced feeding of raw materials.
3. Intelligent control of equipment, monitoring all performance indexes of production line at any time, good stability.
4. All the equipment operate at the same time, with good coordination and continuous flow production.
5. Intelligent detection, fault warning, easy operation and maintenance.
6. Good appearance and durable.


At present,we have 26 production lines, with daily production capacity of up to 1.5 million KN95 masks, effective filtration rate ≥95%, in line with the national standard GB2626-2006, is a safe weapon to protect health.

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