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Gold medal service, to the beloved!The 2nd ODIN Brand
service Festival is grandly opened!

2020 07-13


The sky is clear after the early days of the plum rains.On July 3, odin technology peak season pledge master conference and the second brand service festival launch ceremony in Nanjing headquarters opened the curtain.Odin Technology chairman and general manager Zhou Xuesong took the stage to deliver a speech and announced the opening of the service festival, marking ODIN brand service to a new level.
In recent years, the "Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan" and the "2035 of China's Education Modernization" have been released one after another, proposing to basically realize the development goal of "three causes, two causes, a high level and a high level" by 2022.By 2035, education will be modernized, and China will become a leading educational power. A digital, intelligent and personalized education system will be established.


The importance of smart blackboard as an infrastructure application is self-evident, and only when the facilities are complete and the information is interoperable can it be better assisted. Informatization of education in China, and comprehensive modernization of education.


Since launching the first smart classroom interactive blackboard in 2015, ODIN has made its official entry into educational equipment with smart blackboards as its entry point Industry. After several years of development, we have completed the layout of four R&D and production bases, and continue to iterate on our products to build an intelligent cloud platform to help education Informational development.


Aiming to meet customer needs


From product innovation to brand service, everything is developed to meet the needs of the customer.An epidemic at the start of 2020 disrupted the ODIN has rushed the production of KN95 masks for epidemic prevention in order to meet the normal teaching and learning rhythms and the surge in demand for epidemic prevention materials in the education sector. ODIN's philosophy of meeting the needs of our customers is fully reflected in the fact that we are actively donating supplies to the education sector both domestically and overseas.


With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, most of the schools will enter into the normal teaching track in the second half of the year, and ODIN will usher in the peak season of orders. The second service festival is held at this time, in order to pass on ODIN's gold medal service spirit, which is deeply rooted in the spirit of gold medal service. Every ODIN man's heart.


Gold Service to a loved one

"10-minute fault response, 2-hour troubleshooting, 24-hour repair", ODIN's gold medal service commitment reflects ODIN's determination and speed. From quality assurance to service guarantee, based on ODIN's high confidence in product quality, technology and team.


During the first Brand Service Festival 2019, a number of gold medalists and advanced stories emerged to show customers that ODIN The sincere pursuit of gold medal service. Gold service is not only a promise to customers, but also ODIN's requirement to itself. We believe that during the 2nd Brand Service Festival, a new group of service personnel will continue to emerge and bring ODIN's gold service spirit to the world. Build on it.


Quality improvement of the whole industrial chain

From research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service, the improvement of quality and service permeates every link of ODIN's whole industrial chain. During the 2nd Brand Service Festival, all departments of ODIN are working together for better service and better quality.

ODIN aims to lead the development of the global education industry, and is striving unremittingly to become one of the top five education equipment enterprises in the world. The upcoming peak season is both a pressure and a motivation for the team, and all ODIN staff will work hard to achieve our goal. Better brand service.

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