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Job Responsibilities: Responsible for ARM, FPGA, DSP schematic design and LAYOUT review; responsible for product circuit debugging and fault finding and analysis; responsible for component selection; lead hardware engineers in product schematic design; etc.

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above in communications, electronic engineering, computer and related majors; more than 5 years of hardware development experience, 2 years of team management experience; solid analog and digital circuit foundation, strong circuit analysis and problem-solving skills; skilled use of long-term EDA software; familiar with electromagnetic compatibility design and rectification, preferably familiar with signal integrity, high-speed digital signal.


Responsibilities: Engaged in the development of embedded software for image processor, intelligent blackboard, decoder splicer and other products; complete the design and optimization of programs according to system requirements; complete the development and verification of embedded system software; and so on.

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above in computer science, electronics, communication, automation, electrical or electromechanics; familiar with common interfaces such as UART, IIC, SPI, USB, etc.; proficient use of 16/32 bit MCU/ARM, C language and development environment; experience in FreeRTOS development.


Job Responsibilities:Responsible for FPGA program writing; responsible for the maintenance of existing products; etc.

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above in communications engineering, electronic engineering and other related majors; experience in independent FPGA design, development and debugging.


Job Responsibilities: Analyze product technical characteristics and business needs to put forward product development plan; make product BOM; new product materials selection; assist product managers in new product development projects and organize the implementation, product program finishing, product planning, R & D tracking and field implementation of deployment management; etc..


Requirements: College degree or above in electronics, communication and other related majors; familiar with and understand the large screen splicing industry, touch screen, advertising machine products.


Responsibilities: responsible for the end-to-end delivery of a new generation of products, from research and development to product shaping, tracking of new requirements, and finally introducing the product into the production process; responsible for the selection and testing of new products, product shape design, internal structural improvements, internal product tracking; responsible for the preparation of technical documents such as application programs, requirements specifications, inspection standards, SOPs, etc.; etc.

Requirements: Proficiency in the use of Solidworks, AUTO CAD and other office software; Computer, electronics, communications, automation, electrical or electromechanical bachelor degree or above.


Job Responsibilities: Responsible for the electrical function design and production tracking of the company's products; responsible for the electrical circuit design of products, including electrical drawings, electrical component selection; responsible for the proofreading and modification of electrical diagrams; responsible for all projects of electrical engineering technical support work, to provide electrical technical problems of the solution; etc..


Requirements: College degree or above in electrical engineering, electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.; familiar with the use of CAD software; experience in independent product electrical design.


Responsibilities: Responsible for the preparation of technical proposals, tender preparation, explanation and user Q&A of system integration projects; cooperate with the customer manager to complete the technical communication with users, technical proposal presentation and application system demonstration; cooperate with other departments of the business department to do the work of user communication, data sharing and technical coordination; etc.


Requirements: College degree or above in electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.; familiar with using CAD software; strong communication and presentation skills.


Job Responsibilities:Responsible for developing customer resources, looking for potential customers, achieving sales targets; signing sales contracts, directing, coordinating Auditing accounts and records related to sales services, coordinating transportation, etc.; etc.


Job Requirements: have the ability to analyze and organize market information; have market experience and sensitive market observation, analytical power.


Job Responsibilities: Assist the CEO in formulating and implementing corporate strategies, business plans and other policies and guidelines, and be fully responsible for the marketing management department's major customers. Day-to-day management; assist the CEO in establishing the company's relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, higher authorities, government agencies, and Smooth communication channels between financial institutions, the media and other departments; assist the CEO to carry out the company's public relations activities, to establish a good Corporate image; etc.

Requirements: graduate or above in management, economics and other majors; good image quality, strong communication and coordination skills; writing skills. Deep and proficient use of office software.


Job Responsibilities: Assist the Director of Production Operations in daily affairs and document organization; responsible for the entire production operations department data collection, organization and Analysis; responsible for the production of weekly, monthly and annual reports of the Director of Production Operations; etc.

Requirements: proficiency in the use of office software, especially excel forms; strong thinking and logical ability.


Job Responsibilities: Assist the purchasing engineer to track the purchase order of the products and materials of the company; responsible for the selection and evaluation of the suppliers. As well as management; price negotiation; etc.

Requirements: college education and above, excellent graduates can also; good communication skills, strong resistance to pressure.


Responsibilities: Responsible for the accounting of the actual list of sales contracts; responsible for the review of sales contracts in terms of amount, terms, product type, etc. and Contract stamping; responsible for the accounting of sales-related expenses; and so on.


Job requirements: College degree or above in finance and economics, excellent graduates can also; proficiency in the use of office software, in particular The use of excel; good teamwork spirit Strong communication, coordination, planning ability and agile thinking. Good comprehension Ability to work under high pressure.


Job Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting the manager of telemarketing department to develop various types of telemarketing management system and service standards; responsible for telemarketing Training and coaching of personnel; responsible for organizing personnel to conduct customer development work via telephone; responsible for organizing personnel to collect customer information on a regular basis. Formation of customer information analysis reports etc.

Requirements: college degree or above in management, marketing and other related specialist with 3+ years call center/customer service experience. Affable and sweet sounding.


Job responsibilities:Responsible for the design of the company's products EPE, cartons, nameplates, certificates, labels, etc., responsible for packaging design effect tracking And product specifications.


Requirements: College degree or above in packaging design, industrial engineering, familiar with typography, packaging, Adobe® Flash Player, etc. Illustrator, CAD and other related software.


Responsibilities: Guide the development of new technology, new materials, new technology in the production of construction drawings; responsible for new product structure design drawings. The position is responsible for the input and output and optimization and improvement; help out the technical problems and process and structure optimization in production.

Requirements: college degree or above in mechanical and automation and other related majors; skilled use of SolidWorks, Pro 3D modeling, such as 3D software / E; able to complete design projects independently, with arts and crafts design experience or optimization of the product image is preferred. 

Recruiter:Miss Guo

Contact: 18914745569

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