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2019 10-15

The 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition ended successfully

On Oct. 14, the 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition ended in Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center


2019 10-08

Qingdao is full of surprises in October. Odin invites you to attend the grand meeting

After the birthday of mother China, Qingdao will soon welcome the 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition in October. As the initiator of wisdom Blackboard, Odin will appear at the exhibition with heavy products. What are the surprises?


2019 6-06

Odin Intelligent Interactive Blackboard won the gold Medal product of the 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition

In order to encourage educational equipment enterprises to innovate their products, improve the quality of educational equipment products, and enhance the display effect and social influence of China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Odin actively applied for and passed the evaluation, and the product became the "Gold Award product of the 76th China Educational Equipment Exhibition".


2019 5-28

Odin intelligent badge, slim figure but full of energy, touch the intelligence by your fingers


2019 4-11

The 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition is coming


2018 10-25

Rights protection action again - the application for declaring the patent invalid!


Odin was invited to attend the 2018 Provincial Education Informatization Conference and Jiangsu Smart Campus Construction Promotion Conference

2018 8-09

To thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, the full implementation of the national work conference on network security and information technology and education informationization work conference spirit, launched in jiangsu education informatization 2.0 action, province education department on May 18, 2018 held in zhenjiang province education informatization advance will meeting & wisdom campus construction.

2018 9-21

[concrete proof ] Odin company patent rights case won the final appeal!


2018 07-21

Odin helps Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School to build a smart campus

With the rapid development of modern educational technology, multimedia teaching methods have been widely used in various classes. With its distinctive teaching features, rich teaching contents and vivid teaching situations, it is favored by teachers and students and effectively improves the classroom teaching efficiency.

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