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Gold medal service, to the beloved!The 2nd ODIN Brand

service Festival is grandly opened!


2020 7-13

Odin Public Welfare - Care for students in poverty, free masks donated home

2020 5-22


ODIN 2020 Wisdom Education New Product Conference Successfully Ended


2020 5-13

grow up and become a talented person ODIN growth footprints come

2020 4-02


55 inch extremely narrow splicing screen publish


2020 3-23

2020 3-13

Hardcore cross-boundary production, Odin masks on the market

As a member of China Education Equipment Industry Association, Odin actively participates in the national anti-epidemic work.In order to help the education sector resume work and study, Odin responded quickly by introducing KN95 mask production line and transforming part of its factory to produce KN95 masks, so as to achieve mass production in the fastest time.


2020 3-04

Odin speed cloud, let the intelligent teaching management into the new G yuan

During the epidemic prevention and control period, many schools delayed the start of their classes, and teachers launched live streaming classes online, which was warmly received by parents and students.


2020 1-03

The Interactive Blackboard of Odin Smart Classroom was rated as the recommended educational equipment product in 2020

On December 24th, after qualification examination, preliminary evaluation by experts and final evaluation at the 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition, the list of recommended products of China Education Equipment Industry Association in 2020 was announced, and the Interactive Blackboard of Odin Smart Classroom was among them!


2019 11-18

Teachers from Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and Technical College came to Odin for visit and exchange

On November 12, Odin welcomed the teachers' representatives from Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and Technical College to visit, and Odin chairman Zhou Xuesong accompanied  to visit and participate in the discussion and exchange.

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