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Hardcore cross-boundary production, Odin masks on the market

2020 03-13

By the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the current shortage of mask protection supplies on the national market, greatly affecting the public health protection The companies resumed work and schools resumed school. In response to the crisis, SAIC-GM-Wuling, BYD, Biqui Yuan and other enterprises continue to develop and produce masks to ease the shortage of protective masks. The situation. The practices of the best companies have inspired us.

ODIN, as a member of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, is actively involved in the national anti-epidemic effort. In order to help the education sector resume work and school, ODIN responded quickly by introducing the KN95 mask production line and using part of the factory to transform production KN95 masks to achieve mass production in the fastest possible time. In addition to a small portion to cover its own needs, the majority of these masks are supplied to society, especially to the education sector, where they are actively donated to demonstrate a responsible attitude. The image of the leading enterprise in the educational equipment industry.


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ODIN adheres to the tenet of "Education virtue and good deeds", and focuses on every detail of mask production with the down-to-earth attitude of the education equipment industry: the mask production machine comes from the giant Chinese ship, and the mask production environment comes from ODIN optical thousand-level dust-free room.


ODIN KN95 mask has four layers of protection, with effective filtration rate ≥95%, which conforms to national standard GB2626-2006 and is a protective weapon for health protection.


ODIN is committed to educational responsibility, and every three masks sold are targeted to the The school donated a mask and will regularly publish a list of donated schools, never forgetting its roots in the education industry.


The more the time of crisis, the more it reflects the responsibility of an enterprise. In the critical moment of the epidemic, ODIN produces KN95 protective masks to help resume work and school, reflecting ODIN's hard-core crossover! Production Strength.

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