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Teachers from Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and Technical College came to Odin for visit and exchange

2019 11-18

On November 12, ODIN was visited by a group of teachers from Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and Technical College, accompanied by ODIN chairman Zhou Xuesong.


Teachers first visited the ODIN smart Classroom exhibition hall to learn about ODIN's development history, research and development strength, manufacturing advantages and overall solutions of hardware and software of ODIN smart education.The strong strength of ODIN has left a deep impression on the teachers, and the teachers have praised the cutting-edge technology of ODIN products and the convenience of operation.


At the symposium, Chairman Zhou Xuesong briefly introduced the development status and future planning of ODIN.In the field of smart education equipment, ODIN adheres to the design concept of "both traditional and more future" and provides comprehensive and complete smart education solutions. Currently, ODIN has been applied by more than 5,000 schools, achieving the perfect combination of traditional feelings and modern high-tech.


ODIN is focus on intellectual education and intelligence to display the national high and new technology enterprise of the industry, it has four research and development production base, marketing services company directly under 5 subsidiaries, 32, and have included industry first laser workstation, the first fully automatic glass production line, and independent CNC machining center 5 intelligent manufacturing production line.


After more than ten years of painstaking development, ODIN ranks the top in the industry in terms of enterprise scale, R&D strength and manufacturing capacity, etc., and its smart Classroom interactive blackboard products have occupied the first place in the domestic market for many years in a row. Meanwhile, its business scope has expanded to Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and many other regions.


ODIN has developed into a leading educational equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, as well as a domestic advanced intelligent education hardware and software overall solution provider.In the future, ODIN will continue to contribute to the development of smart education with excellent product quality and brand service.

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