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ODIN 2020 Wisdom Education New Product Conference Successfully Ended

2020 05-13

On May 8th, ODIN 2020 new product conference with the theme of "Smart Education for the Future" was held in the exhibition hall of ODIN headquarters. Grand opening. On-site curators, guests, online live broadcast, constant interaction, witnessing the debut of ODIN's new intelligent education products! .


Although the epidemic at the beginning of 2020 has changed the rhythm of the education industry, ODIN still insists on polishing products under adversity and uses technology to help teachers focus more on teaching itself.


Hou Youwei, expert of the Education Equipment Expert Committee of the Ministry of Education and deputy secretary-general of China Education International Exchange Association/Educational Equipment Branch, shared his understanding of the connotation of intelligent education and the development trend of education equipment industry in the post-epidemic era.


Then came the key part of the conference - the new product release.Zhang Qing, director of ODIN Marketing Operation Center, unveiled the new ODIN products: interactive blackboard for the fourth-generation Smart classroom, infrared all-in-one machine for the second generation, intelligent platform, 6mm ultra-narrow double-screen smart blackboard, self-developed splicing screen, etc., and analyzed how the new ODIN products improve the teaching experience from the perspective of users.


Later, Wang Jun, manager of ODIN Technology RESEARCH and development Center, made a comprehensive analysis of new ODIN products from the technical perspective. He said that ODIN not only pays attention to the innovation of product hardware, but also makes efforts in the cloud to lay out a super fast cloud platform and facilitate the development of educational informatization.


In the tea break area of the press conference, ODIN prepared exquisite food for all guests and carried out wonderful interactive activities online and offline, attracting many guests and audience to participate enthusiastically, pushing the warm atmosphere of the press conference to the climax.


ODIN's unremitting pursuit is to let teachers free from physical labor and give full play to their mental teaching.The new products presented in this release conference reflect the pursuit of ODIN everywhere, no matter in terms of appearance or function.Next, please enjoy the first graphic release of ODIN new product!

Fourth Generation Smart Classroom Interactive Blackboard


The interactive blackboard of ODIN's fourth-generation smart classroom adopts the display without border design to present a positive integrated display effect.Back elegant layout, electrical integration, beautiful and easy to use.Industry unique aluminum magnesium alloy frame, lighter and safer.Motherboard intelligent upgrade, with strong computing power, outstanding decoding ability, 8K image quality algorithm, the inferior advantage of the architecture and manufacturing process.Equipped with a full HD AI camera, it clearly records every moment of the classroom.Key interface function area big round soft transition, key function can be customized, convenient for teaching.Integrated storage tank can receive teaching appliances, teaching more convenient.

Second generation infrared all-in-one machine


ODIN's second-generation infrared all-in-one PC adopts an ultra-slim design with a thickness of only 56.7mm and a narrow bezel of only 19.7mm, making it even thinner. The narrow bezel is only 19.7 mm, making the MFP even thinner and lighter. Highly integrated with interactive whiteboard, computer, speakers, central control and other equipment functions, beautiful and convenient, and make teaching and office efficiency more efficient. A variety of sizes are available to meet the needs of diverse classroom scenarios.

Wisdom podium


ODIN Wisdom podium can be intelligently linked to a smart board for central control and one-touch smart object connectivity. Make teaching more convenient. Easy to achieve electromagnetic memory writing, teachers in the book writing will be synchronized to the blackboard and podium display, enhance the efficiency of the teacher classroom. Super silent intelligent lifting, you can adjust the height according to the teacher's height, suitable for teachers of different heights.

6mm very narrow dual screen


ODIN's new generation of ultra-narrow dual screen with 6mm narrow frame design, combined with narrow frame properties and glass panel, giving the screen a wider field of view; photoelectric glass technology, high light filtering and anti-blue light protection, to protect the vision of teachers and students; customized dual-screen interactive features, support for screen copy, screen splicing, to meet the requirements of multi-scene teaching.

smart whiteboard


ODIN intelligent whiteboard surface by special treatment process, pure white, comparable to the texture of rice paper. Smooth and silky writing experience, easy to erase without leaving traces. Support multiple intelligent gesture recognition, easy to operate with your fingertips. Adjustable backlight brightness, anti-dark field and anti-glare. Applicable to a variety of scenes, teaching, training, meetings and other scenes to switch freely.

Self-developed splicing screen


ODIN 55-inch ultra-narrow edge splicing one machine, using more energy-saving LED backlighting industrial-grade LCD display unit. M*N integration splicing can be realized. True 4K ultra-high-definition display, optional letter hair system, with a powerful cloud map system, can achieve a single-screen window, single-screen four-screen, four-screen, four-screen, four-screen, four-screen, four-screen. Display effects such as arbitrary combination display.

Extremely Fast Cloud


ODIN Extreme Cloud is an intelligent teaching management cloud platform, using scalable 48-core processors to meet different computing needs, which can achieve extremely fast access, interoperability, virus protection, offline teaching, electronic class schedules, remote operation and maintenance and other functions, bringing smooth and efficient teaching management experience.



As a leader in intelligent education equipment, ODIN provides integrated software and hardware solutions with the concept of "More Future, More Traditional". At present, it has been successfully applied in 5,000+ colleges and universities, creating 100,000+ wisdom education demonstration classrooms. In the future, ODIN will continue to adhere to technology and people-oriented, to provide users with more excellent intelligent education equipment products.

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