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Odin intelligent badge, slim figure but full of energy, touch the intelligence by your fingers

2019 05-28

The reform of the college entrance examination specifies that eight provinces will enter into a shift system. eight provinces and cities have a program of "3+1+2" model, which changes the teaching in high school. It has become an elective walk-in class to strengthen basic security, but it is even more innovative and revolutionary for schools, students, and parents.


How to upgrade the original teaching system, how to optimize walk-in class selection, and a host of other new high-stakes challenges come to the fore.


The first is that walk-in production is a new trend in the deepening of education, but after the start of walk-in teaching, the flexibility of the curriculum and the versatility of the classroom have had an impact on the Instructional management has raised the bar. How to prevent students from skipping class, how to remind students not to go to the wrong classroom, and how to make classroom situations more visible to teachers and schools. It has become an urgent problem for schools to solve after solving teaching resource deployment.
ODIN intelligent cloud class plate joins the walk class system of class selection, walk class function, students can select classes through the platform, the platform through this The data analysis forms the corresponding class schedule displayed on the class board terminal, students can use the information on the class board to check the classroom they are in. The teacher can use the attendance data from the class card to count the students' class attendance. At the same time, students can also use the class card to provide feedback on their class attendance, so that teachers and schools can have a better understanding of the classroom situation and adjust their classroom management. Teaching Progress.


The second is the issue of teaching evaluation, how to evaluate teachers and manage teaching after the implementation of the walk-in system has become a big problem; ODIN Smart Cloud Class can collect teacher teaching process and student outcome feedback data through the collected teaching data service, and through the analysis of these data, it allows managers to have evidence-based teacher evaluation, so that every teacher can be a little better than yesterday.


The third is the problem of class management, class information management platform variety of difficult to effectively notify effective management, difficult to publish, difficult to manage the The situation has been affecting every class. oDIN smart cloud brand class is in the process of educational development, intelligent management and information technology of a Try and explore. Through unified management and unified release, it can easily realize a series of operation and management such as class information, duty schedule, class card and class photo album. It is enough to grasp and publish frontline information, and make the management become only one intelligent cloud class card. Class selection, resource sharing and information release and other teaching management, richly demonstrates the achievements of the school's information construction, realizing the school's Multi-dimensional presentation and management of information.


Whether it is exploring the informationization of education, creating a smart campus, or building a unique campus culture, the ultimate goal is to return to an individual, and the biggest difference between the screen era and paper media is that the amount of publication is unlimited, which gives more students an opportunity to adapt to modern society.
Based on ODIN's intelligent cloud tablet, more ordinary students will be discovered and have more platforms and opportunities to show their bright spots, and ODIN's intelligent cloud tablet will also help to make the classroom system more flexible and effectively control the "iron classroom, flowing students", which will become an indispensable support for the smart campus.

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