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Rights protection action again - the application for declaring the patent invalid!

2018 10-25

Previously, UC Nano Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the " UC Nano") against Jiangsu Odin Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd (" hereinafter referred to as "Odin") offend utility model patents, patent number for 【ZL201420522490.7】  through a second trial, the higher people's court of fujian province on August 13 2018 announced Odin won a final judgment, revocation of fuzhou city intermediate people's court (2017) fujian 01, No.774 in the early days of the civil judgment, and dismissed the claims of the UC Nano Technologies, Inc.


In response to this utility patent, a touchable blackboard, ODIN, on September 21, 2017, issued a patent to the The Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office filed a petition requesting that all of the above patents of Panopticon be deemed invalid. After multiple examinations by the Patent Review Board, the patents were finally found to be ineligible for novelty and inventive step based on the fact that they did not meet the novelty and inventive step requirements. The decision to invalidate the patent in its entirety was made on September 14.


Looking back at the entire process of the patent dispute, during the course of the dispute, Panoptimal made the argument that the patent was not yet in force, and that it had not yet entered into force. The first-instance judgement of any legal effect is the banner under which the rights are defended in bad faith, the market is disrupted arbitrarily, and projects in various parts of the world are clashed, all the while continuously defaming ODIN's image in the industry and among its customers. Such bad consequences for all those running in the educational equipment industry to bear is undoubtedly bad and indelible damage!

  As the creator and leader of the interactive blackboard, ODIN has always attached importance to the development of its own hard power, and is committed to improving the product experience. Product quality, product innovation, and negligence in other aspects also allow others to take advantage of the opportunity. This incident reminds us that the next step for ODIN is to look at the whole picture and spend more resources on technical innovations and Intellectual property protection at work. We understand that only by protecting the novelty and inventiveness of a company's patents can we make them work better and escort the company. Only when technology is at the forefront and products and services are at the top of their game can we create more benefits for society. 


Thanks to the help of these righteous people, we believe that one day there will be no more pollution in the fertile land of innovation.

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