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grow up and become a talented person ODIN growth footprints come

2020 04-02

With the reform of entrance examination for secondary school or college enrollment system, comprehensive quality evaluation is included into the enrollment assessment standard.How to use information technology to evaluate students' comprehensive quality has become an important direction in the development of wisdom education.To this end, ODIN launches the growth footprint system, which integrates student motivation, quantitative evaluation, teaching management and home-school collaboration to help schools promote the construction of educational informatization.



1. Student motivation


In the traditional class, the teacher gives one-way instruction and the students listen passively. In the class without interaction, the class is often dull, the students' attention is not focused, and the students fall asleep in class, which troubles the teacher a lot.

How to enliven the classroom atmosphere and make the class happy?


Students are randomly selected to ask questions

ODIN growth footprints can be set up to randomly select students to ask questions, arouse the enthusiasm of the class, create a sense of tension among students, and make them more focused.


Classroom Interactive Timer
Use the interactive classroom timer built into the footprint to introduce classroom competitions and time limit exercises to liven up the classroom. Teachers and students can clearly see the countdown and the eye-catching numbers on the stopwatch to increase the rhythm of the classroom.

ODIN's footprint uses gamification rules to motivate students, stimulating their potential and promoting their overall and personal development. 


2. Quantitative evaluation

Student behavior varies from class to class, making it time consuming and difficult to measure student behavior using traditional methods.

How can I count student behavior in one click?


Integral evaluation

ODIN Growing Footprints uses a point system to assess student behavior and customize assessment items, so you can complete student daily behavior and Learning records, analysis, evaluation, and real-time sharing to parents, but also a key to invite teachers of different subjects to co-manage the class.

The comprehensive quality assessment is included in the assessment criteria for admission, how to provide guidance for students' personalized teaching?


Big Data Behavior Report

ODIN Growing Footprints records and analyzes behavioral data in real time based on students' daily performance, and automatically generates and archives reports. It provides schools and parents with objective and realistic personalized guidance opinions of students.

3.Teaching Management

Signing in to class and still taking roll call with your roster?


Classroom Attendance Management

ODIN's growth footprint records student attendance in seconds and shares it with parents in real time, giving teachers and parents more peace of mind.

In addition to attendance management, daily classwork, homework, grades, and announcement messages can all be sent directly through the growth footprint, so teachers can grow in Footprints complete all the daily teaching affairs, greatly improving work efficiency.

4.Cooperation between home and school

Still worried about whether a parent missed the notification?


Multi-format notice announcements

ODIN Growing Footprints uses multi-format attachments to upload notification announcements and read/unread status at a glance, so you no longer have to worry about missing them.


Still sending grades to parents one by one?


Distribution of performance reports

ODIN Growth Footprint can upload grades in bulk, so each parent can receive their child's grades individually without the hassle of signing off on them.


No need to deliberately communicate, parents can keep abreast of their children's school situation, class notifications, and teaching trends, facilitating home-school cooperation in education.


ODIN Footprint uses gamification rules to liven up the classroom atmosphere, a point system to motivate students, comprehensive management of student behavior and By conducting process-based, all-encompassing quantitative assessments, teachers can create effective, orderly, and joyful classrooms and communicate results in a timely manner. Parents, making it easier for teachers, more proactive for students, and more reassuring for parents.

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