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​[concrete proof ] Odin company patent rights case won the final appeal!

2018 09-21

Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FSP") v. Jiangsu Odin Electronic and Technology Co. After the second trial, the Fujian Provincial High People's Court issued a judgment in the case of TibetOdin Electronic and Technology Co. The judgment in favor of ODIN was rendered on August 13, 2018 (Document No.: (2018) Min Min Final 171), as follows.

I. Revoke the civil judgment of the Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court (2017), No. 774, Min 01 Minchu.

2. Reject the litigation request of Suzhou FSP Technology Co.

This judgment is final and shall take effect from the date of receipt of this judgment.


Attached (2018) min min final 171 part of the judgment

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