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Odin speed cloud, let the intelligent teaching management into the new G yuan

2020 03-04

During the epidemic prevention and control period, many schools delayed the start of their classes, and teachers launched live streaming classes online, which was warmly received by parents and students.


At the same time, some viruses, rogue software seized the opportunity to destroy the teacher's live broadcast, to the teacher brought additional burden.


Recently a teacher, because of the improper operation of the live class to the students, resulting in computer poisoning, and then in his ignorance played a video unrelated to the teaching, causing a bad impact, the Education Bureau reported criticism, so the teacher is very aggrieved.


In addition to computer poisoning affects the class, in the daily teaching, teachers and schools will also encounter many problems, such as: the slower the computer, accidentally delete software, the separation of preparation and teaching affects the teaching, remote maintenance difficult, batch update trouble, data is not concentrated easy to leak........


  To help teachers and schools solve these problems, ODIN has launched the Extreme Cloud Platform, which combines flexible allocation of resources, efficient and unified management, and the ability to manage and manage the resources in an efficient manner. Avoid virus infection in one, desktop and data are stored and processed centrally in the background, not easy to leak and more secure. Unified background management simplifies management complexity and eliminates the need for front-end maintenance, allowing administrators to install, uninstall and upgrade in batches. The cloud makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

  With ODIN Extreme Cloud, teachers can access their own desktop in any classroom and use unified management resources to achieve cloud computing. You don't need to bring your laptop or U disk to class. The system can be restarted to restore, no accidental deletion of software, computer slowdown worries, the experience is always new. Even if the school network is down, Speedy Cloud can switch back to the backup system in time, without affecting the teacher's normal class.

  In the 5G era, intelligent teaching management will enter the new G-dollar. Managing problems is an essential smart instructional management cloud platform for schools and teachers.


The Trouble with School Electrification


Teachers: classroom computers get slower and slower, various pop-up windows are overwhelming, common desktops are altered, viruses cause system crashes, separation of class preparation affects teaching.......


Schools: remote maintenance is difficult, batch updates are troublesome, data is not centralized and easy to leak, the network is easy to poison, and hardware cannot be allocated on demand....


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Extreme Cloud

1, 5G experience, speedy access

Using graded cache acceleration technology, 100 cloud terminals can be completed within 30 seconds from power-on to Windows desktop, greatly reducing teachers' preparation time for class.

2、Interoperability, mobile office

Teachers no longer need to bring laptops or USB sticks to the classroom to teach, just need an account, you can connect the Ordei Intelligent Blackboard and office computers to access the cloud desktop, to achieve cloud teaching, cloud lesson preparation.

3、Multiple systems, one machine

It supports multiple systems and multiple courses, and is deeply integrated with the teaching scenes, so teachers no longer need to worry about system problems.

4 Highly secure, stable and reliable

Unique Android backup system, with its own virus protection, cloud-based virus detection and killing, multiple security authentication mechanisms to prevent bulletproof windows, anti-virus, anti-data leakage.

5、Dynamic configuration, minimalist operation and maintenance

According to the teacher's implementation of the use of dynamic computer resource allocation, to meet the needs of teachers of different courses and scenarios. Platform centralized management, can realize remote switch on and off, unified upgrade, remote maintenance.

8 functions of Speedy Cloud

1、Speed access

The system switches between one second start-up and one second system switching, and automatically selects the teaching content with the task as the center, which is deeply integrated with the teaching scene to achieve the ultimate teaching experience.

2、Cloud Classroom

Synchronize and update the software with one key, avoiding the stuck, supporting multiple systems, multiple courses and deep scene customization for different teaching scenarios.


Between the smart blackboard, smart blackboard and office computer interconnecting and collaborative teaching, realize mobile office.

4、Scene switching

Combined with the school's schedule and time schedule, make the corresponding electronic class schedule, complete the switch of different course scenes in advance, within 2 minutes to complete the switch of 60 desktop teaching mirror.

5. Offline teaching

IDV distributed computing, centralized management, does not rely on the server side, and can realize offline teaching to ensure uninterrupted teaching service.

6、Virus protection

It comes with virus protection and supports agent-less virus protection for virtual machines, so you can scan virtual machines safely without installing antivirus clients on them.

7、Visual management platform

The teacher's office mirror is unified and managed by virtual disks, which can be switched flexibly to meet personalized office needs, simplify deployment and improve management efficiency.

8、Restart the restore

Not affected by lesson settings, one key restart restore, batch backup, teaching experience is always new, one key to troubleshoot 99%, quickly resume use.

4 advantages of Extreme Cloud

Highly scalable: Adopting distributed computing, and centralizing and simplifying management and deployment functions, the desktop system can theoretically be expanded indefinitely.

Supports offline: Adopting terminal virtualization technology, the data is stored in the terminal without being affected by the network and can be accessed even when the network is disconnected.

Good experience: IDV desktop experience is comparable to that of physical terminal equipment and close to the local experience.

Cost-controlled: The server side needs to carry the desktop, which significantly reduces the cost relative to the VDI architecture.

Flexible allocation of resources, efficient unified management, avoiding virus infection

Intelligent teaching management with ODIN Extreme Cloud!

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