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Writing: Basic writing can be carried out, can set different lines,      colors and so on.
Plates within plates: In the state of playing courseware, a small      blackboard can be generated, which can be written on and erased, and relevant contents can be saved separately.
Spotlights: Can be highlighted to the content of the need to          highlight, can quickly read adjust aperture size and transparency.
Magnifying glass: Zoom in or out of the selected content, you can adjust the zoom in and zoom out, you can move the position.
Power off protection function: When the computer unexpectedly power outage restart, the operating system and other software programs do not lose, can automatically recover.

Intelligent identification

Character recognition: Full screen Chinese and English digital mixed writing intelligent recognition, the recognized print can be deleted by gesture on the content to be deleted line.
Formula recognition: Support intelligent formula recognition: the formula includes mathematical formula, chemical formula, etc., demonstrate mathematical formula: (x)=a2+ B2, etc., demonstrate chemical formula: H2+O2→H2O.
Pattern recognition: Support intelligent graphic recognition, can draw any regular and irregular two-dimensional graphics, demonstration teaching: such as arbitrary five-angle.

Gesture recognition

Gestures to erase: Depending on the teacher's usage, the palm can be erased or the back of the hand can be erased, whether it's handwriting, pictures, or graphics.
Gestures to switch: You can switch Windows, Android, VGA, HDMI, TV and other signal sources by gestures. You can also move Windows down with one button to facilitate the operation of teachers of different heights.
Many people write: In the process of video playback, gestures are supported (one finger click: display or hide the operation bar, exit the full screen in full screen state;Double-click with one finger: play in full screen;Two finger clicks: pause, continue, etc.).

Physical booth (hardware option)

Seamless docking: Can seamlessly access to the physical booth, convenient for class teaching.
Wireless teaching: Support wireless video booth mode, which can be easily used by teachers in any corner of the classroom.

Mobile teaching

PPT application: Support PPT courseware preview, playback, page turning, annotation.
Double screen interactive: You can annotate the contents of a blackboard desktop through a tablet, and the files on the tablet can be uploaded to a computer.
Tablet teaching: It supports mobile photo uploading function, which can annotate and explain photos. It also supports Android and ios systems.

Odin virtual experiment

Product definition: Odin virtual experiment is a teaching software specially designed for teachers, covering the field of K12 education.
Hardware supporting use: Make full use of the school's existing hardware, such as electronic whiteboard, desktop, notebook, all-in-one machine, tablet computer, etc.
compatibility: Perfect system compatibility, Windows, IOS, Android platform adaptation.
Assisted lab teaching: 3D model, unique experimental "engine" and accurate experimental data feedback.
Mobile experiment: Use in and out of the school is unobstructed, "mobile experiment".
User experience: The pursuit of the ultimate user experience, to provide the most temperature of the service.

Odin cloud desktop

Completely self-developed: The virtualization platform, desktop access protocol and management platform are all independently developed.
Focus on Professional Desktop Cloud: By building a unified desktop cloud platform, the office will evolve from the traditional PC mode to the cloud office mode.
Mobile Cloud Office: The office does not need to be limited to the fixed station, in the home, business trips and other places can be connected to the virtual desktop.


Easy to connect: General routers and WiFi hotspots can be used to achieve.
Mobile display table: Teachers can take pictures of textbooks, test papers and other physical objects and upload them to the big screen for explanation.
Recording micro class: The classroom can record micro lessons directly on its own tablet, achieving "anytime, anywhere" recording micro lessons.
Live to share: Live sharing of students' problem solving process and experiment situation via mobile device camera at any time.
Electronic whiteboard: With a variety of writing mode and a variety of drawing tools, support gesture roaming, gesture erasure, gesture zooming and other functions.
Wireless voting screen: The interface of the mobile device can be projected to the big screen wirelessly, and all the operations of the mobile device can be displayed on the big screen.
Remote control: Remote control of intelligent blackboard through mobile devices to achieve mouse function;You can also open a file and remotely edit the file directly.

Centralized control management platform

Basic attribute push: Intelligent blackboard has the function of text announcement, push pictures, screen layout and other information push.
Intelligent maintenance checks: The functions of device status statistics, version update, online intelligent device check, etc.
Cubic management model: Provide three-dimensional management mode, education bureau regional management, school campus management, teachers classroom management three-dimensional intersection, each with its own duties.
Courseware resource management: Creatively integrate resource management into centralized control, integrate the management of blackboard and the use of courseware resources into the same platform, administrators and teachers can manage blackboard and courseware anywhere.
Visualization of data statistics: Improve the intuitive data statistics, visual results display, to meet the needs of different administrators of different data summary.
Comprehensive protection: Remote class tour, one-button switch machine, timing switch machine, timing lock screen, switch screen according to the class schedule, one-button restore and other ways to protect the blackboard.
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