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Odin Intelligent Interactive Blackboard won the gold Medal product of the 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition

2019 06-06

To encourage product innovation in education equipment enterprises, promote the quality of education equipment to improve product quality and enhance the display effect of the China Education Equipment Exhibition. ODIN actively declared and passed the evaluation, and the product became the "76th China Education Equipment Exhibition Gold Award Product". "The selection is based on the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and is based on the value of product innovation, market value, educational value and international impact. This selection follows the principle of open, fair and impartial selection, with product innovation value, market value, educational value and international impact as the Evaluation standard. The ODIN intelligent interactive blackboard won the "Gold Award Product of the 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition", which is the first time for the education industry to evaluate the ODIN intelligent interactive blackboard. The economic and social value of ODIN's R&D innovation capabilities and transformed results is fully recognized.


ODIN will make persistent efforts to increase research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, continue to uphold the "it's traditional it's the future" concept of product design, forge ahead, pragmatic and innovative, and strive to develop more good products to meet market demand, to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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