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Odin helps Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School to build a smart campus

2018 07-21

With the rapid development of modern education technology, multimedia teaching tools have been widely into the classroom of various disciplines, and with its distinctive teaching characteristics, rich teaching content, vivid teaching context, by the majority of teachers and students love, effectively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.


Recently, 43 sets of ODIN technology intelligent classroom interactive blackboard system were successfully applied in Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School.
Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School is the first nine-year consistent compulsory education school in Gaochun County, which was established in August 2002 with the approval of the County People's Government and the approval of the County Bureau of Education, with a joint investment of more than 40 million yuan by Gaochun Wujiazui Village and Gaochun County Experimental Primary School. Fei Xiaotong, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, wrote the school's name and the school motto of "self-improvement and self-reliance, knowledge and courtesy, and virtue" for the school. Recently, 43 sets of ODIN technology intelligent classroom interactive blackboard system was successfully applied in Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School.
Blackboard used to be the educational equipment for teachers to show their knowledge. It was silent in the classroom and quietly showed the teacher's books to the students. With the convening of the 19th National Congress and the advancement of education information reform policy, more and more intelligent education equipment has entered the classroom, and the interactive blackboard has also changed the image of the previous blackboard and become the teachers' small classroom assistant. The "intelligent classroom interactive blackboard" can be switched from blackboard to touch screen with one key, and through the software platform, it can present the teaching content in an interactive way (such as: PPT, video, pictures, animation, etc.), and the rich interactive template can turn the boring teaching materials into interactive teaching courses with good interaction and strong visual impact. Conducting interactions, simple and user-friendly interactions connect people to interactive teaching content organically, allowing more classroom interaction between teachers and students. Rich human-computer interaction combined with audio-visual sensory experience makes the teaching and learning process less boring. More interactions between teachers and students help students to deepen their knowledge memory and learning.


At present, ODIN interactive blackboard has been popularized in more than 2000 schools nationwide, and Nanjing Wujiazui Experimental School is just one of the typical applications. As an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, ODIN Technology will continue to devote itself to technical innovation and product upgrade, providing more advanced products, better service and professional interactive blackboard solutions for weak schools to transform into intelligent education.

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